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Accompany the section about Windows Search in the Privacy Statement designed for more information. Select Manage the information Cortana can access from other services. If you would prefer not to send a few character data to Microsoft, you should choose not to abuse Cortana. Select Manage the in a row Cortana can access from this device.

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Security check

But you want to search designed for files, such as documents before photos, on your Windows apparatus, you can always use the search feature in File Surveyor. To stop Cortana from accessing your voice data you be able to choose to interact with Cortana with the keyboard. Cortana can also use this information en route for provide more personalized recommendations en route for you. Browsing history If you choose to allow Cortana en route for help you pick up anywhere you left off on websites when using Microsoft Edge after that provide you with more personalized suggestions, Cortana will use your browsing history in Microsoft Advantage. This feature will let Cortana help you in a array of ways. For more in a row, see the Diagnostics section of the Privacy Statement.

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How Cortana uses data to work for you

Cortana works best when you authorize in and let her abuse data from your device, erstwhile Microsoft and third-party services, after that skills you choose to associate. When a user tries en route for sign in to Cortana, she checks the age setting designed for that particular Microsoft account, after that users she identifies as also young cannot sign in before have a personalized Cortana be subject to. To learn more about Cortana and your privacy, please accompany the information in the Cortana section of the Microsoft Afzondering Statement. If you choose not to sign into Cortana arrange Windows, you can still chatten with Cortana and use Windows Search to search the web, documents, and emails stored all the rage Microsoft services like OneDrive after that Outlook and on your Windows device.

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Cortana can save commonly visited places as your favorites, which bidding then also appear in erstwhile Microsoft services such as the Maps app. Cortana works finest when you sign in after that let her use data from your device, other Microsoft after that third-party services, and skills you choose to connect. You be able to manage your interests and some other info Cortana has stored about you in the bank of cloud by going to account. But you use voice input with Cortana while signed in with your Microsoft account, you be able to manage the voice data stored by Microsoft by going en route for account. To provide these benefits, Cortana will periodically download after that use the GPS location from your device. Select the name of any Connected Service you use for calendar, email, after that contacts such as Outlook. Designed for example, a skill that recommends restaurants in your area capacity remember your cuisine preferences, accordingly it can offer you add relevant restaurant suggestions in the future. For example, location accompanied with your searches will carry on to be collected and old as described in the Afzondering Statement.

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Contacts, calendar details, email and content, and communication history from messages and apps To personalize your experience and provide the finest possible suggestions, Cortana accesses your email and other communications after that collects data about your contacts Peoplelike their title, suffix, at the outset name, last name, middle name, nicknames, and company name. En route for use Cortana on the lock screen, tap Cortana or about Hey Cortana. For example, a skill that recommends restaurants all the rage your area might remember your cuisine preferences, so it be able to offer you more relevant eethuis suggestions in the future. En route for do this, she sends can you repeat that? you type or say en route for the Bing service, which interprets it in real time en route for provide auto-suggestions. For Cortana arrange Android v.


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