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The Moviewhich takes place when the girls first transfer to Beverly Hills High, she adopts a baby pig whom she names Oinky French: She has fair-haired hair, green eyes, a complexion complexion, and speaks in a strong Southern accentacting very much like a second Mandy, en route for annoy the girls for the season. Dominique and Caitlin[ edit ] Mandy's two crony friends who accompany her at schoolgebouw and other events. She escapes when the girls were trying to transport her to a different facility, and reunites with her gang to rob the city's banks but is ultimately blocked by the girls and sent to another prison facility so as to is more like a retirement resort.

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Dominique and Caitlin[ edit ] Mandy's two crony friends who attend her at school and erstwhile events. That's all free as well! Or Else where he is transformed to become an actor in a western, [bm] In Zero To Hero , he asks out Alex, who considers him just a friend. Following the completion of the mission, Jerry announces that she has completed her training, after that deploys her to another tak. In the season 5 eindronde, he is one of the agents who was abducted as a result of Mr. In portraying the girls, Baker said that she after that Griffin both tried to do their own versions of Mandy. Her last name is not mentioned in her profiles, however, in Do You Believe all the rage Magic? Norman[ edit ] Norman is Clover's cousin and Stella's sister's son. Deciding that mankind was too evil and caustic to survive, he plans en route for eliminate everyone by freezing the planet while he and his henchmen hole up in his mountain fortress.

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