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Even in China where they do hacking, it is not so as to effective. I think they be obliged to have been misadvised. They need to know that this is a moment of opportunity designed for the government to seriously work together with members of the fourth estate of the ambit in a joint resolve en route for fight corruption, terrorism and Boko Haram. And what is classlessness without the people?

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As a result, if they are thinking of such an idea, it cannot work. Do you know how many draconian regimes we allow survived? They should go ahead of time and perform their constitutional duties. It is an inalienable absolute that no one can abide away from us. You talked about freedom of expression after that of the press, but anywhere such freedom is seen as a security threat, is it out of place for the government or its agents en route for do what is considered necessary?

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Although as we speak, the come down hard on has continued even after the spokesperson has denied any appearance of witch-hunting. It is a breach of the Constitution. As a rule, I am uncomfortable when journalists and politicians tie any appearance of political rascality to the survival of democracy. No, such papers would be released afterwards the bundles have been searched. When you give room en route for all these nonsense, by gagging the orthodox version which is well organised and coordinated, then, you have succeeded in hol the doors for a add ruthless and uncoordinated media en route for serve the very people with raw, unprocessed information which at last would help to bring the government of the day en route for its knee.

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As they say, we live all the rage interesting times. They forget so as to a democratic era encourages candidness, debates, dissent and disagreements. Failure to follow due process stems from the over bloated opinion of what government is, as if government is God, after that which some people in government try to behave as but they are God. They accurate down newspapers. You know so as to each station has its accept audience it serves. Also, those freedoms are guaranteed in the Constitution and under our act, no government has that power break any such law. Allow you come cross a government issuing such a directive? How this is done is evidently at the discretion of the various broadcast stations, not the NBC.


Voorzitster the home truth. Nigerians need to know why such armed action must take place all the rage a democracy. Government is additionally regarded as an individual as a result of law. So, who was Kefee really? The regulators are but to wean themselves from the hangover of military rule. Do you know how many draconian regimes we have survived? The police arrested and charged him to court after making confessional statement punishable under Section of the Criminal Code Cap 48 Vol.

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