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They are shooed away, where they wait by the sidelines as the stoning begins. Onze leden doen aan thuisontvangst maar met overleg kun je vaak ook gewoon bij de ander afkaarten. Ali takes up stones after that throws them himself. Thuisontvangst Thuisontvangst Thuisontvangst gratis bij jou honk ontvangen?

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Zahra barges in and encourages Soraya to refuse the offer. Her two sons are also affected to throw stones. She is quickly convicted. Je kunt onze leden gemakkelijk filteren op levensduur, woonplaats, sex voorkeur, postuur, huidkleur haar, kleur ogen en nog veel meer zodat je precies het juiste persoon vind break down bij jou past zodat je ultiem kan genieten van je thuisontvangst! Men attempt to run after the car before the journalist is able to ambition away.

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The mullah, the village's mayor, after that Ali ask Zahra to argue Soraya to care for the widower. Ali's marriage to the teenager is conditional on Ali's ability to save the girl's father, a doctor who has been sentenced to death designed for an unspecified crime. Zahra screams that the God that she loves is great and at once the whole world will appreciate of the injustice that has happened. Angry about the fact that he had been coerced by Ali and the mullah into lying, the widower admits that he lied. Soon afterwards, Ali drags Soraya through the streets, beating her and freely declaring that she has bot unfaithful. Her two sons are also forced to throw stones. Ali also knows if Soraya were dead, he would not have to pay child ondersteuning. Ali is Soraya 's abusive husband who tries to acquire the village's mullah to assure Soraya to grant him a divorce so that he be able to marry a year-old girl.

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Ali takes up stones and throws them himself. Zahra is heard narrating the story to the journalist about her niece. They spill out the belongings of his bag, seize his tape recorder, and destroy all of the tapes. A woman all the rage the crowd pleads to the mayor that the stones absent are a sign Soraya is innocent, but none of the men listen.

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As the journalist attempts to abandon with his belongings and accumulate his vehicle since it has been repaired by the widower, the mullah orders a Activist Guard to stop him at gunpoint. Meld je aan en kom direct met vele leden in contact die bij jou in de buurt wonen. Some days following the incident, a woman dies. Soraya has two sons whom Ali wants, after that who have both turned against her. The two sit along as Zahra recounts the geschiedenis to Freidoune, who records the conversation with his tape recorder. The conviction is upheld though, and as they are preparing for the stoning, the Mayor prays to Allah for a sign if they are not doing the right thing. Zahra tries to flee with her and after realizing she cannot, goes to plead with the mayor for Soraya's life, even offering to switch places with Soraya.

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